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Company Information

Walker-Schork International Inc., an Illinois based farm equipment dealership, saw that there was a potential for shipping farm commodities overseas in ISO shipping containers. This foresight lead to researching the various means of handling loaded and unloaded shipping containers at various locations and transporting them to a rail site. After working with a single side loader it was evident that there must be a more efficient way of moving the containers.  That research lead to a working relationship with Swing Thru International Ltd. out of New Zealand which developed and patented a double sided side loader capable of loading or unloading a container from either side or transferring a container from one side to another side without repositioning the side loader. 

 In 1999 Walker-Schork International Inc. entered into an agreement with Swing Thru International Ltd. to distribute the Swing Thru line of container handling equipment in the central United States. In 2003 Walker-Schork International Inc. owners started a new company called Container Handling Solutions, Inc. and signed a distribution agreement with Swing Thru International Inc. for the areas of United States and Canada.

In December 2005 Container Handling Solutions purchased the Intellectual Property, Patents and Distribution rights form Swing Thru Int. Ltd for North America. Today Container Handling Solutions, Inc. is the sole owner and the sole distributor for the Swing Thru line of container handling equipment for North America.  

Located in Rochelle IL, just1.5 hr drive west of Chicago IL, it allows for easy access to all 4 corners of North America. Container Handling Solutions, Inc. specializes in retail sales, parts, service support and providing a solution for your specific handling needs.

P.O Box 603
Rochelle, Illinois  61068
Phone: 815-562-3119  -    Sales: Call Lee at 815-751-6666

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